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October 13, 2011

A Week in the Life, Day 4

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Are you getting bored with my life yet?  It is getting harder to keep bringing you different aspects of day-to-day here in Suburbia, but I’m still keeping up with Adventuroo’s challenge!  I do have another collection from my day – but darn it, I forgot to take food  pictures at all today!  Well, here’s Thursday.

The day started off dreary and rainy, stayed overcast most of the day.  Tomorrow isn’t looking much better according to weather.com:


I’ve showed you a bit of morning and a bit of work already this week, so today I’ve got some stuff from the afternoon hours.  Guess what!  Hubby closed the pool today!  Hallellujah!

Teddy and Daphne had a game of tug-of-war:

There is but a tiny hint of the fur that regularly coats my home visible in this photo.  I’m considering investing in a Dyson vacuum cleaner to help in this respect;  any opinions about that?

While Sarah usually camps out in the kitchen to do her homework, this is where you’ll normally find Meghan doing hers:

I should’ve taken this picture from a wider view to give you the clearer picture of the teenage bedroom, but I wouldn’t want my readers to barf at the sight!  Meghan has a short time on Thursdays to get some homework in before heading to the studio for several hours of dance classes, including one where she is assistant to the dance teacher.
Driving practice on the way to dance:
See you later, Meghan!

On more trip out for me on this particular evening.  The girls’ high school was having a “college night” for parents of juniors to help us all in getting ready for the applications process and let us know the things we should be doing to make things slightly less stressful for senior year.


There was a panel of guidance counselors and admissions counselors from local colleges there to give us some insight.  It all sounds very exciting and daunting at the same time!

That was Thursday – I’ll be back again tomorrow with Friday (TGIF!)