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October 12, 2011

A Week in the Life, Day 3

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It’s Wednesday, and another busy work/drive the kids kind of day.  I wondered today how I would keep this interesting, going to work each day, but I found other parts of my day to show you.  Confession: not all of the shots in this post were done with my camera and 50mm lens; I felt awkward in a couple of spots whipping out the camera, but was able to be more surreptitious with my Blackberry.

Before I headed out the door to work, I started dinner in the Crockpot (complete with dribble marks down the front; just keeping it real, folks!).

Easy beef ragout: a pound of stewing beef, can of cheddar cheese soup or two, (enough to coat the meat really well), generous spoonsfull of tomato paste.  Mix ’em up, put the crockpot on low, come home to tender, shredded beef.  Cook some pasta (I use linguini) right before dinner time.  Stir up cheesy beefy sauce with pasta and serve.

Moving on to lunch time!  This is where I sit for lunch each weekday – in the science classroom at a lab desk.  The microwave and the fridge are in backroom attached to this classroom, so it is most convenient.

Lunch today was homemade tabouli salad with Scoops.  Want the recipe for the tabouli ?  Check out this page from my sister’s previous blog.

Twice a week at work, I do an after-school duty.  I patrol the halls making sure any students staying after that day aren’t just hanging out causing trouble and actually have legitimate reasons for staying after.

The halls were pretty quiet today.  I had time to chat with custodians and teachers I don’t always get to see.

I left my school to go to my daughters’ school.  Taxi-mom time begins!

Pick up Meghan from after school Computer Club, pick up Meghan’s friend for duet dance class, drive to the studio.  Get  myself a little pick-me-up:

America runs on Dunkin’ afterall!  Lucky for me, DD is right across the street from the dance studio.

Aw, rats!  The low gas light just popped on!  Better get to the station…

…just as it begins to rain.  Sigh – there goes a quick $64.  Finish running the girls back and forth to the studio (good thing it is only 2 miles from my house!), get home to finish putting away my laundry.  But, hey, look who’s in the middle of it all!

Cat owners: is it just me, or does the kitty of the house always have to place his or herself right in the middle of the clean laundry?

Got to decide what to wear to work tomorrow, something which hopefully isn’t wrinkled or covered in cat hair, because I’m too zombie-like in the morning to figure these things out.  What will it be?

Meghan snapped this shot of me (complete with fingerprints all over the glass) involved in a nightly routine: stare into closet, hate my clothes, wish that something new would magically appear, be disappointed when it doesn’t, settle for something I’ve worn for the umpteenth time.

And so ends another glamourous day in the life! 😉

PS: Thanks Adventuroo for this blog post idea..its been fun so far!