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September 9, 2011

Have they flown the coop?

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Can you see her?


How about now?

This is the female of the pair of ruby-throated hummingbirds that have been partaking of my hummingbird feeder and bee balm this summer.  She alighted in the oak tree in my backyard while I happened to be sitting outside one afternoon on my deck with my camera at my side.  She wasn’t easy to spot among the leaves, but I had been following her swoopy flight.  The male had been making large loops above my rhododendrons a few days ago while she watched.  Both birds spent a lot of time at my feeder over Labor Day weekend; I can’t help but think they were getting ready for their long flight south to Mexico for the winter.  Perhaps they hoped to gain a good tenth of an ounce in weight in preparation!

I was able to get one more shot of the tiny cutie…

…and then she was gone!