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August 31, 2011

August Photo Hunt Wrap-Up

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Before August flies out the door, I thought I should get my re-cap of all your wonderful Photo Hunt submissions posted!  From what I’ve read and seen, it appeared like folks really enjoyed this particular hunt of finding a rainbow of summer photos, and it shows in the beautiful shots you’ve taken.  (I’ll admit to being just a wee bit disappointed that some of  you decided not to do the bonus shot though!)

In order of submission, here we go!

Nye was an early bird this time around, posting her hunt on August 6th!  I especially loved her humming bird photos (if you read here regularly you know I have a soft spot for those tiny cuties) and her self-portrait, posed in the garden – just perfect!

Next in was Gerry, who despite her recent frustrations with WordPress and her slow, slow dial-up internet connection, posted a beautifully refreshing collage of summer fruit.  The Cowboy did a terrific job with her portrait too! 😉  And I’m really glad it wasn’t your last post, Gerry!

Popping in third, with a rainbow he had already hinted at in an earlier post was Scott.  Scott’s selection was very manly without any of those fluffy or smelly things that Brian is always referring to; he showed us funky cars in all of the colors plus a lovely portrait of himself and his wife enjoying a river cruise.

Robin did an absolutely amazing job with the photo hunt by presenting us with a collage for each color of the rainbow!  It looks like she spent a huge amount of time on this post and the collages are just gorgeous.  Don’t make me pick a favorite, I can’t!  Even her self-portrait was extremely clever with a tinting of the picture in all six colors: bonus bonus points to Robin!

My friend Renae once again participated in the hunt with a group on Flickr.  She has a fun collection of summer items, including blue-painted toe nails!

Dawn took a unique approach to the hunt.  She presented three photos for each color: a carnival shot, a flower shot and a car shot.  I think it was pretty cool that she was able to do that for all six colors!

Carol thought she was posting last minute, but she actually got her photo hunt in a few days early.  Carol had a nice variety of color throughout her post, but my favorite had to be her silly kitty Lily lounging in a barrel planter.  Love the unique self-portrait of the typically photo-shy photographer.

Ahhh, summer – that was my thought when I saw Deb’s photo hunt.  Her lounging toes and camp chairs and refreshing self-portrait help us remember to take the time to relax in the summer.

Newcomer Ellen brought a variety of summer objects for her summer rainbow.  I loved the growing fruit, funky frog ornament, and how another dog lover managed to make the dogs part of a photo hunt!

Barbara again participated in the photo hunt, but I think got her confused at first! (sorry about that Barb!)  She was hunting for a photo that had all 6 colors in one shot rather than 6 different photos, but recovered nicely with a lovely floral collage.

New to participating in the hunt, but not new to hanging out around our blogosphere, was Holly.  Holly says she cheated because she didn’t take the photos specifically for the hunt, but I say that’s totally okay!  She managed to incorporate her two favorite photo subjects (her cute sons) and to show us a beautiful variety of summer shots, including a pretty sneaky self-portrait! 😉

My sister Jennifer gave herself a little extra challenge with her photo hunt; she decided to do flowers, but since she was on vacation on an island in Maine, she made the choice to try to add water to the background of every shot!  It wasn’t easy, but she managed it.  The pictures make me want to go take a stroll around Peak’s Island.

Brian the Funky Slug once again blew me away with his stunning variety of photos.  His bumble bee with pollen is amazing, while his picture for green is starkly beautiful.  As I was hoping, he gave us a very Funky Slug creative version of his self-portrait!

Sliding in a day late, but definitely not a dollar short, was Tracy.  Tracy featured the lovely perspective of the nature-lover that she is; from the tiny detail of a curling tendril to the sculpture in her garden it is easy to see what inspires Tracy.

If you happened to miss my own entry in the photo hunt, you can see all of my pictures, all taken in Maine, here.

Beautiful work everyone!  I really enjoyed checking out all the wonderful submissions, and if you haven’t had the chance yet, please have a look at the posts and leave our great participants some love in their comments.

Looking forward to whatever Scott Thomas has cooked up for us for September!