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August 10, 2011


raindrops on grape leaves

When I went to Big Summer Potluck , I met lots of people who were interested in photography and inspiration.  Ethan from Tastes Better with Friends and Brian from A Thought for Food were inspired to create a weekly photo inspiration project called “Capture the Word.”  You can click that link for more information about the thoughts behind it, but basically it is a Flickr group that they have welcomed anyone to join.  Each Wednesday they plan to announce a new word to be captured in photography and then posted to the group by the following Monday.  You are invited to tweet a link with the hashtag #CapturetheWord so that fellow photographers can be inspired by your vision.

Interesting story behind my photo: First thing this morning, before my breakfast, before my cup of coffee, I opened the back door to let the dogs out. My grapevines have started to invade my deck and I noticed this morning after a fairly hard rain last night, that the edges of the grape leaves were dotted with individual water dropets.  To grab my camera I ran!  A few hours later, Ethan and Brian announced the Capture the Word word: refreshing.  I knew I wanted to participate, and to do so early since we are leaving for vacation (with extremely limited net access – hubby’s phone will be our only access) soon.  Then I started thinking, hey, wouldn’t water droplets glistening on leaves make a nice interpretation of “refreshing”?

So, after a frustrating afternoon with Flickr refusing to upload my photos, I finally got them posted after an excrutiatingly long upload time.

Ahhh… refreshing, aren’t they? If you’d like to participate in Capture the Word, follow my link up there and submit pictures to the group! Brian and Ethan would be happy to have you!

I’d like to take this chance to remind you about my photo hunt due August 28th.  If you missed the post, which came in mid-July to give you an early jump on finding your shots, make sure to take a look and start gathering your shots!