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July 6, 2011

Morning and Afternoon

Blooms are busting out again here in my little corner of suburbia, and I thought I’d share them with you in a slightly different way.  I took some of these pictures around 5:00 in the afternoon yesterday and some of them this morning around 9:00.  I was curious to see how the light at different times of the day affected the color and look of the blooms.

It is turning out to be a banner year for hydrangea (Yay!!!!!).  I have two different varieties planted in my yard – forgive me for not knowing the names.

Purple hydrangea, 5pm


Purple hydrangea, 9 am.


Blue hydrangea, 5pm


Blue hydrangea, 9 am

bee balm beginning to bloom

Bee balm, 5pm

bee balm

Bee balm, 9 am

Any thoughts on which you like better?  I think the morning light shows a “truer” view of the color.  I didn’t retouch any of these shots – all SOOC.

While I was playing, I tried the nifty-fifty on a few shots:

Hydrangea again – f4.5 with 50mm lens


Fuchsia – f3.2 with 50 mm

I mentioned in my Fireworks post, that I purchased a shutter release cable.  That seemed like a good excuse to bring the extension tubes out to play, no?

hydrangea macro

just-opening hydrangea with extension tubes
bee balm macro

Bee balm with extension tubes – kind of alienlike isn’t it?  Maybe it is really a triffid, Gerry!

Oh!  And it is assignment time over at Scott’s place again!  Click here to read about this month’s challenge to show scale (no not slimy alien scale! 😉 ) in your photos.


  1. Beautiful shots!! I don’t know which time I like better because each creates different lights and shadows. I think it really depend on the angle of the light to the flowers, but I would think that the morning light is softer.

    Comment by tedgriffith — July 6, 2011 @ 10:53 pm | Reply

    • Thank you Ted. I agree that the angle to the flowers definitely makes a difference. I tried to remember where I took the shots the previous evening so the shots would be similar. The morning light, as I said seemed “truer” and as you mentioned maybe softer, but the evening light has warmth to it.

      Comment by Karma — July 7, 2011 @ 8:32 am | Reply

  2. Wow – time of day really does make a difference, doesn’t it! You can certainly see more detail in the morning light. Beautiful flowers, thanks for sharing your results! 🙂

    Comment by Photo By Holly — July 7, 2011 @ 8:10 am | Reply

    • Thanks Holly. Time of day definitely makes a difference. Even earlier in the morning and later in the evening I’m sure would show even more difference.

      Comment by Karma — July 7, 2011 @ 8:34 am | Reply

  3. The color you get in the morning versus afternoon is startling when you first really pay attention. The angle of the light plays a big part as well. I think you will find many uses for the shutter release now that you got one.

    Thank you for the link!

    Comment by Scott Thomas Photography — July 7, 2011 @ 11:04 am | Reply

    • The shutter release cord is kind of short though; the guy at the camera shop said I wouldn’t want the wireless one for fireworks because you’d have to catch a sensor in front of the camera. I’m wondering if there are extension cords. Not sure what else I will use it for.
      I’m thinking about a little play on words for possible inclusion in your assignment too….

      Comment by Karma — July 7, 2011 @ 3:56 pm | Reply

  4. I think I like the morning light, but it kind of depends on the effect you’re going for doesn’t it? When sitting on my deck, I prefer evening light. I envy you your hydrangea. They don’t do well at all here.

    Comment by Carol — July 7, 2011 @ 7:17 pm | Reply

    • My hydrangea don’t usually do well either! The hydrangeas on Cape Cod, however, make mine look a little pathetic though! This is the first year I’ve had many blooms on the purple one.

      Comment by Karma — July 8, 2011 @ 8:48 am | Reply

  5. The last one looks really cool!!!
    Not sure what time of day is better…. I think it partly depends on where the flowers are. If they are in full sun, late afternoon will give you a softer light and warmer colors.
    The purple hydrangea looks better in the afternoon light, but the blue hydrangea picture turned out better in the morning. Could be the laptop I’m on, but in the 5pm picture it looks white, not blue.

    Comment by thedailyclick — July 8, 2011 @ 9:26 pm | Reply

    • Yes, that blue hydrangea is very pale, so I can see why it could look white.
      I guess there really isn’t a “better” time of day – for flowers anyway.

      Comment by Karma — July 10, 2011 @ 7:07 pm | Reply

  6. I am glad you posted this, Karen. Was just thinking yesterday–what REALLY is the difference between taking pics in early morning/later evening versus middle-of-the-day. Barry said the harsher light overhead doesn’t throw as many shadows and there aren’t the variations of warm color. I like all of your pictures in different ways.

    Comment by Kathy — July 10, 2011 @ 7:24 am | Reply

    • Thank you Kathy. I guess there are a lot of things to consider when deciding when to photograph. I was surprised by the difference in some of the plants. Some I like better in the morning, but some look really nice in the evening light too.

      Comment by Karma — July 10, 2011 @ 7:11 pm | Reply

  7. Yes, it’s a great year for hydrangea! Do you treat the soil to adjust the color of your blooms? I add something, and I forget what it’s called, to make mine a deep blue. I like your study in light and the gorgeous flowers in your yard!

    Comment by Becky Sue — July 17, 2011 @ 9:04 am | Reply

    • I don’t do anything to the soil for the hydrangea. I’ve never had this kind of luck with them, so I am just happy to have blooms of any color!

      Comment by Karma — July 17, 2011 @ 5:34 pm | Reply

  8. […] spring.  I’ve been fascinated taking its photo as it blooms.  I showed you its early stages in this post a couple weeks ago.  Yesterday, I took this […]

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