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June 30, 2011

June Photo Hunt Wrap-Up

June photo hunt collage 1
June Photo Hunt collage 2

Can you believe it is the last day of June already?  Time flies when the beautiful weather and days when the sun doesn’t set until 8:30pm are here.  It is also the perfect day to present  a wrap of the June Photo Hunt results.  There are lots of links and pingbacks in the comments section of my original post, so I am here to sort them out for you.  I hope you will have the chance to check them all out and encourage the participants with a comment.   We all love comments, right?

First in with her submission this time around was Dawn.  Dawn had the fantastic idea to go to the zoo to complete her hunt.  She found some fun ideas and the bird with the bad hair day gave me a chuckle.

Next was Nye, who also did some travelling around her local area to get her shots.  She included that familiar but curious critter, the hummingbird moth and took a drive with her family to find her cow pictures.

Carol was the third with her photo hunt post.   I loved her yellow Western Tanager in an unusual fountain, and her cat has one of the funniest faces out there!

Deb, who just started blogging in May, had a very enthusiastic blog post featuring her photos.  Her scarlet ibis was one of the most fiery colored birds I’ve ever seen and her interpretation of the “grad” photo was truly unique.  I’m glad you enjoy the photo hunts so much, Deb!

My sister Jennifer actually posted her shots with time to spare this time around ( she commented to me on Twitter that we were “syncro-blogging”; we must have been writing and posting our photo hunts at the same time!)  Although not snarky like the last time, she still brings her great sense of humor to some of her shots including the “grad” and the “colorful bird.”

I always look forward to Brian’s brilliant sense of humor and beautiful photography, and his collection for the hunt is no exception.  His bird shots are stunning and there is no lack of laughter in many of the other shots.  Be sure to read about what happened when he was taking the cow picture!

Dear friend Renae joined in with her first photo hunt collection on Flickr.  She has a really sweet collection of pictures and wins a million bonus points for having a picture of a BABY Oreo cow!

Scott, one of my inspirations for offering the every-other-month photo hunt, posted a great collection of pictures.  He has become a really amazing wildlife photographer – I just love his oystercatcher.  He’s got just about the biggest funny face you’ll ever see too!

Sliding in last minute with her photo hunt is Robin.  With her previous commitments, I’m really glad she decided to join in; Robin is in the midst of a 365 day commitment to going outside every day for at least 30 minutes AND she is doing WordPress’s Post-A-Day 2011.  I just love her colorful bird and her butterfly, and her cow shot is definitely unexpected.

In case you missed it, my June Photo Hunt shots were posted here. They also make up the collages (courtesy of Picnik.com) at the top of this post.

Have fun checking out everyone’s photo hunt shots!  And let me know in the comments if you’d like to do this again in August!