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April 29, 2011

Giving You the Birds! ;-)

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I’m sooooooooo excited!  I got one!  Not the bestest ever super fantastic photo, but I got one!
My first hummingbird picture!

My very first ever picture of a hummingbird!  I’m hoping for many more opportunities this year, but I am thrilled that I actually got this shot.  Funny how I just mentioned the other day how I thought I was having better luck with birds this year.

While we’re talking birds, I’ve got a mystery bird I’m hoping one of you might be able to identify for me:
mystery bird

This one has been a pretty regular visitor to my suet cake feeder.

And since this post has completely gone to the birds, I wanted to share this funny little sparrow having a grand ol’ time in my bird bath.  Scott’s song sparrow actually reminded me that I had taken these pictures a few days ago:

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Hope you have a lovely weekend everyone!