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April 21, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

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My 1-year blogoversary passed by recently. April 6, 2010 was my very first blog post.  I had planned to do an “anniversary” post on the day, but the date came and went before I realized it.  I still wanted to do a little rememberance of my first year blogging, so I went first to my dashboard to gather some stats.  These stats are actually for a year and 15 days, but close enough, right?  I wrote 216 posts (including today), had 3,157 comments (but close to half of those are my replies to you!), 14,329 views, and my busiest day was January 20, 2011 with 123 views (I have no idea why).  I was trying to figure out which day was the most popular comment-wise, but WordPress doesn’t seem to keep that statistic.  If I had to guess, I’d say it was this post, which seems a bit ironic if you read the name of that post.

After I scoped out the stats, I looked back at my posts for the first month of my blogging.  The baby bunnies were what really got me going.  I was then reminded of what a wonderful, warm, early spring we had last year.  Things were blooming and growing earlier than usual and spring break week (this week for me) was gorgeous, sunny and warm.  Have a look at some pictures I took during this week of last year of some blooms around my yard and my neighbor’s beautiful tree.  More than a year later, we have a very different story:

The daffodils:

The rhododendron:

The bleeding heart:


The lilacs:

The neighbor’s tree:


Last year was exceptionally warm and beautiful; spring and summer were the best on memory in a long time.  I guess Mama Nature is returning us to reality this year.

By the way, don’t forget to get your spring photo hunt photos posted and leave me a link in the comments of that post! I’m hoping to see everyone’s shots by this Sunday, April 24Scott and Gerry have already posted so go have a look!