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April 18, 2011

Awesome Weekend, Part 1

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A delicious luncheon with friends, a visit to Cape Cod, early birthday gifts and the Red Sox win three games in a row – how awesome is that? 

My weekend away began with a return visit to Pickity Place in Mason, NH.  It was delicious, as always.  You can click here to see what we had to eat.  Unfortunately, the wind was nasty cold and making the day seem quite bitter outside.  When we were there back in October, it was a mild fall day and things looked quite different.  Though my fingers felt like frozen claws, I couldn’t help snapping a few pics.

I thought this angel statue looked as chilly as I felt:
wishing it wasn't so cold today

I enjoy the effort the folks at Pickity Place go to to set up little vignettes that go with the seasons:

spring vignette

This frog prince didn’t seem to mind the blustery wind:

A frog or a prince?

Can you see me reflected in his gazing globe?

I did manage to find one more pretty sign of spring before my fingers shaped into the form of a claw from the cold:

Pretty, what are you?

The tiny buds remind me of lilacs, but this didn’t look like any lilac that I’ve ever seen.  Anyone know what it might be?

The Pickity kitty smartly stayed inside the gift shop on this day, quietly enjoying the goings-on outside from the warmth of the window:

Pickity kitty

I did!

I certainly did!  🙂

Awesome Weekend, Part 2, Cape Cod edition, coming soon!