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April 1, 2011

April Photo Scavenger Hunt

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April Fools!
April Fools!

Yep I had my very own April Fools in 2008 when this shot was taken.  The girls willingly hammed it up for my shot-of-the-day during my 365 Project.

I’m really not trying to fool you today though. Mother Nature is playing a big enough fool herself.  Forecast for today around here is for 3-5″ of snow,  possibly more depending on who you believe.  My real purpose for this post is to provide you with my photo scavenger hunt list for April. 

At Scott’s suggestion, I’ve made the list a little shorter; there are 7 items instead of 12.  New pictures are my preference since the purpose of these hunts is to get you out and shooting, but if you’ve got the perfect shot in your archives that will fit the bill, feel free to use it. 

Just like last time, literal, creative, funny, snarky or liberal interpretations of the list are welcome – I just want you to participate!  I chose items that I hope will provide for a wide variety of interpretations:

  • body of water
  • train
  • hood
  • sprout
  • bud
  • basket
  • bunny
  • BONUS: clear, sharp, close-up of a Mr. Cardinal! (I’m specifically talking about the bird here, not the priest!)

Like before, leave me a link to your post in the comments of this post.  I’ll leave this post easily accessible on the sidebar.  How about a deadline of April 24th?  That’s my birthday – it’d be a great gift to see all your wonderful pictures on that day. 


Do not, I repeat, do not, buy a bag of these to accomplish your “bunny” shot:

These things are seriously addictive!  There should be a warning on the bag.  I’m ashamed to admit I’ve now eaten 3 bags of these things since my local CVS put them on the shelf in March. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

PS to my fellow fans: PLAY BALL and GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!