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March 26, 2011

Thinking Spring…Cleaning :-(

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I shouldn’t really have a frowny face in the title of today’s post, but who likes cleaning?  I’ve been looking around my kitchen lately and thinking it is time for some sprucing up.  My kitchen was re-done 16 years ago while I was pregnant for Meghan… what were we thinking?  Anyway, 16 years of parenthood has taken its toll on my kitchen, especially the floor.  We put a white background linoleum down (again what were we thinking?) and its better days are long gone.  What I still love about my kitchen,  however, is the granite.


This granite covers the counters, the center island and our eating “penninsula” as I like to call it.  I didn’t realize back when we chose it, just how much the granite would drive the rest of the decorating colors for the kitchen.  Totally changed the color of the cabinetry I chose – which you can see here is a light color called “pickled.”  The pinkish streaks through the granite also caused me to paint the kitchen the palest of pink.

What I am hoping to accomplish this spring is a deep cleaning of the cabinets (anyone have a good suggestion for cleaning lint/dust/grease accumulations?  Murphy’s oil soap?) and painting the kitchen walls.  I went to Home Depot for paint chips today.  What do you think of these colors?


I’m also hoping to replace my extremely shabby kitchen floor with tiles – just something neutral, probably similar in color to my cabinets.  Add a new curtain rod and drapes for the sliding glass door and things ought to look nicely spruced, don’t you think?  Maybe a couple pics of my kitchen would help?


Hey, do you see those decorative plates hanging on the wall?  This is completely off topic, but while I’m thinking about them, thought I’d show ’em to you.  I think my mother and my sister were really happy when I fell inexplicably in love with these plates in HomeGoods one day.  I’m pretty sure my mother thought I had completely lost the decorating gene since I generally show very little interest in knick-knacky type items, but these I had to have:


The Cat in the Kitchen


Little Cakes


The Lovely Menu

Okay, back to my topic…

 I also need a suggestion for how to clean screens.  The screens in my kitchen, dining room and living room are on the inside of the house because those are all crank-out windows.  Anyone have a good idea for cleaning dust build-up from those?  Maybe I should just take ’em out in the back yard and hose them down?

The girls also want their bedrooms painted… you’ll be able to recognize me this summer as the lady with paint speckled hair!