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March 23, 2011

Sometimes a post writes itself

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Did you know that blog posts sometimes write themselves?  This can happen in more than one way.  My sister once posted a hilarious IM conversation between herself and our friend Renae.  Kathy at LSS has described having blog posts write themselves in her head – I’ve experienced this phenomenon myself.  Many of you also noticed that the WordPress Dashboard was frustratingly down for a few hours yesterday.  When I couldn’t get into mine yesterday, I emailed many of you to ask if you were having the same issue.  What resulted was a fun email conversation.  I don’t know if every person I emailed got CC’d all of the responses or not or even if every one I emailed is a regular reader of each other’s blogs, but the emails that resulted showed how ready we bloggers are to reach out to each other.  The following is my best attempt at a transcript of the funnier emails I received with names humorously changed to protect the innocent or not so innocent. 😉

Karma:  Hello fellow WordPress bloggers!  Just got a quick question to ask.  Is anyone besides me having trouble logging in to your Dashboard today?  Since about 4:50 this afternoon, I can’t get to the dashboard.  I am logged in to WordPress and was able to look at the Dashboard earlier, but now I cannot.  Any thoughts/ideas? Thanks for any help!

Apple Girl: Haven’t checked in to WP since this morning…but you know, curious cat that I am, I have to run right over there now and try even though I know it’s pointless. 😉 XO
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Duo Plus: I love how we all go check thinking that an exception will be made . People can still read and leave comments.  If it lasts more than an hour I vote we all go leave comments on each other’s blogs.  Odd comments.  Nice odd, not, you know, icky odd.

Apple Girl: Um, yeah…it’s out. (As if you didn’t already know that.). 🙂
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Duo Plus: You just wanted to remind all of us that you have an iPad. Evil.

Apple Girl: Well…it IS on my list for  “Favorite Things Giveaway.”  Just have to work on the rich and famous portion of the plan, then you’ll all be getting one. Aren’t I The Best? ;P XO
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Brit Boy: I vote we all go have a play with Apple Girl’s iPad…. It’s only fair…. 🙂

Apple Girl: I was going to say, “You can touch my iPad anytime!” but somehow that sounds very naughty. LOLThat’s what I get for being a good sharer. 🙂
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Too Hot Here: Yea well, a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste 😉

Hockey Fan: Leave work, eat dinner and come back to my email to all this.  LOL  Good thing I have all my WP work done for the week and I can enjoy my hockey game while waiting for WordPress to figure out the snafu. 
Besides, I have my wife’s iPad to play with (let yourselves go on that one).

Duo Plus:  That noise you hear is the Cowboy sending you a razzberry.  I think it was a razzberry.

Foodie: I was all geared up to write about cheesecake tonight.  Cheesecake, people. WordPress needs to get this sorted out.  🙂

Lady of the Lake: I’m sure we would all like a piece of cheesecake, please.  🙂

Hockey Fan: Would that be razzberry cheesecake?

Thanks, everyone, for the fun conversation while the Dashboards were down!



Teddy would like some cheesecake too!