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March 6, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt Wrap-Up

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Scavenger hunt mosaic

Today is the day I am wrapping up the February Scavenger Hunt. Six photographers were able to complete the hunt as I am writing this post.  If anyone else manages to finish and post sometime tonight, I will happily add a link to this post.

The first submission in was Brian a.k.a. Funky Slug.  Brian’s collection of shots was done with his usual amazing eye and wonderful sense of humor.  His take on “eyes” and “big round clockface” are especially creative.  The “postbox” and “something red” are especially beautiful.

Gerry was my next participant who made it in on time despite having problems with her little camera going into a coma! All of her shots were taken during February, but none were actually taken for the hunt.  Gerry shows us her wiley creativity with getting the hunt finished through cropping and some plays on words.  I love “Lily the Cute” giving us that doggy question face and the “inchie”.

Scott Thomas, our faithful photo assignment provider, came up with the idea to take all of his shots with his iPhone.  What a great way to be sure to always have a camera available in case the perfect shot pops up?  Scott shows us that the best camera really is the one you have with you.  My favorites from Scott’s collection are “park bench” because I just love the gorgeous color and detail he was able to get with the iPhone and “heartshaped” – such a perfect sentiment for this scavenger hunt.

Nye Noona was the next participant.  She found out about my hunt via Scott’s place on March 4, and still managed to get her post in for today’s deadline! Impressive Nye!  Nye’s adorable niece shows us her playful, beautiful eyes.  Nye managed to find the most unique park bench I’ve seen. 

Tracy over at Milkay Photography turned in a stunning collection of photos, as I was sure she would when she said she wanted to participate.  Her macro take on “eyes” is truly unique and her “newspaper headline” is powerful.

Sliding in at the last second (literally – I found her link while I was writing this post), with her hair on fire and her sharp wit on display, is my sister Jennifer over at Bread and Putter.  Make sure to check out her game show style approach to this scavenger hunt. Her plays on words and snarky commentary will give you a giggle.

Oh, and my shots are here, in case you missed them!

Interest in participating in this scavenger hunt seemed to build as word spread around from blog to blog.  I didn’t get this idea posted until mid month last month, so the time seemed to run out quickly.  I thank Postcards from the PP for originally posting the idea.  I think I’d like to try to post a scavenger hunt every other month, for the months that Scott doesn’t have a photo assignment.  Maybe I’ll even try to be creative and come up with my own list and post it at the beginning of the month so that everyone who would like to participate will have plenty of time.

Thanks again to all the participants!  Be sure to have a look at everyone’s shots and leave them some love in their comments.  I’d love to hear about some of your favorite shots from your fellow blogger-scavenger-hunters here in my comment section.  And please let me know if you like the idea of the bi-monthly scavenger hunt.