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February 23, 2011

16 Years Ago…

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This is me, 16 years ago at this time:

My last quiet afternoon in that rocker, surrounded by lovable kitties.  At 5 am on February 24, 1995, my water broke.  Hubby was at work on the midnight to 8 am shift.  He had a pager – cell phones were not terribly common at the time.  I called the pager, he called me back almost immediately.  He was in the middle of an arrest!  But he got home quickly, and we were soon off to the hospital.  Meghan, my older daughter, wasn’t born until just before midnight on the 24th going into the 25th, although her official birthday is listed as 12:15 am on the 25th.

Ready for her ride home from the hospital:

 One of her next rides in the car?  She wants to go to the RMV for her learner’s permit on Friday, her actual birthay.

 Where has the time gone?