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February 21, 2011


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After our thoroughly enjoyable thaw a few days ago, I awakened to this again:

Yep, another couple inches of snow.  Mother Nature is pretty funny isn’t she?  Anyway, I went grocery shopping today and decided today would be a good day to bake a recipe I’d been planning to try for a couple weeks.  BlueBonnetBaker tweeted out her creation of a recipe called Movie Theatre Cookies.  Kettle corn and raisinets baked together in a cookie?  I was intrigued.

This recipe said it made 18 large cookies – an ice cream scoop is the recommended portion of dough.  I got 16 cookies out of the batch and have 3 teenagers in the house today, so this is a picture of the whole batch:


The verdict? Tasty!  But I didn’t really taste a lot of the popcorn flavor.  The raisinets were delicious in the cookie.  Meghan suggests using more than the 1 cup of popcorn the recipe calls for the next time I make them.  The next time – I guess that means she liked them.