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February 8, 2011

Happy Truck Day, Red Sox Fans!

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Non Sequitur is a comic that I love for all of its observations on every day life.  Its look at life in small town Maine with recurring characters Cap’n Eddy, Flo the waitress, and Joe, single dad to two spirited girls, are some of my favorite strips.  Joe has recently returned to Maine (Flo is his mom) and is frequently surprised by our New England ways.

The above comic appeared last February on “Truck Day” – the day the Boston Red Sox equipment truck leaves Boston for spring training in Florida.  Baseball fans in New England do see the start of spring training as a symbolic end of winter, despite being far from out of the woods as far as winter weather goes.  We count down the days until pitchers and catchers report.  Soon baseball season will begin! 

Truck Day has become a bit of a little holiday in Red Sox Nation in recent years – check out this video  from last year if you don’t believe me!  In honor of this day, and with a bit of inspiration from Gerry , I thought I’d show you some of the paraphenalia  this fan has collected over the years.


My license plate.  Yep, my car is wicked dirty.


Teddy bear, banner and hat from all-important, curse-breaking 2004 World Series win.


My favorite blankie (and the dogs’ favorite too!) for curling up to watch t.v.


Some of my novelites, including earrings, key chain and Santa hat.


And some of the clothing

Obsessed? Noooooooo… well, ok, maybe a little! 😉