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February 6, 2011

We’re having a heatwave…

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…a tropical heatwave..

Okay, maybe not a tropical heatwave, but this sure feels tropical compared to what January was like this year:

This little birdie seemed to be enjoying the sun while perched on hubby’s sideview mirror:

Wouldn’t it be nice if Punxsutawny Phil was right this year?

I’ll let Miss Piggy sing it out for us today (even if the thermometer is no where near 93°!)

A heatwave and penguins – what’s not to like?

Trying out Twitpic

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I tried a little experiment this morning.  When I let the dogs out, I noticed the snow untouched in the neighbors’ yard. The sun was shining and after the rain or sleet or freezing rain or whatever it was we had yesterday, and the snow had a shiny coating on it.  I was also stumbling around the kitchen reading Twitter from my iPod while I started up the Keurig and nibbled leftover donuts from yesterday.  Lots of people share pictures on Twitter.  My new iPod has a camera built into it.  Surely not a great camera, but I wondered if I could easily share a quick picture using the iPod camera and Twitpic.  It took me a couple steps to figure it out, but I did it.  As I thought, the camera isn’t great, but I ended up with this neat kind of fish-eye look into the neighbors’ and my backyard: