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February 2, 2011

Macro Post Answers

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If you haven’t read yesterday’s post yet, go back and read it now, and then come back here for the answers.

Number 1:

Fabric for a quilt project – I’m helping a friend of a friend with testing a quilt pattern.

Number 2:

Meghan’s scarf

Number 3:

Daphne’s eyebrow whisker

Number 4:

Tortilla chip

Number 5:

Daphne’s nose

Number 6, which wasn’t really part of the guessing, but everyone guessed anyway:

Flowers (yes a bit linty Tracy!) still here from when hubby brought me home the flowers I requested for a photo prompt.

Most humorous answers: Funky Slug

Most warped answers: da Hubby

Most correct answers: Tracy Milkay

Only one to get #3 correct: Jennifer A

Thanks for playing!