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February 28, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Extension

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My gift to you, LOL!  Since February was such a short month and since I posted this scavenger hunt halfway through the month, I will wait to see scavenger hunt pictures.  Several folks have said they haven’t had the time or opportunity to finish the shots, so take until this weekend.  If you can finish up and post by Sunday, March 6, I’ll still post links to your shots to be included in the wrap-up post.  I’m not big on deadlines around here!  I know life gets in the way.  I just don’t want to go too late into March since Scott Thomas will have a new assignment for us.  Besides, I really want to see your pictures!  😯

February 27, 2011

My Scavenger Hunt Results

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Tomorrow is the last day of February!  Did you remember to finish up your scavenger hunt photos?  As of 3:15pm EST, I’ve received one link to pictures (and they are pretty fabulous I must say!).  Get your posts up by the end of the day tomorrow and drop me a link – you can leave the link in the comments here or over at my original post; either way is fine, I’ll find you!  In a few days, like Scott does, I’ll do a wrap up post with direct links to everyone’s photos.  My non-blogging friends are encouraged to post photos too – put them on Flickr and make a set called “Scavenger Hunt” and I will link to them there.

I’m happier with some of  my shots than others, but here’s what I came up with:

a bridge
a bridge

This is a little footbridge on Main St. in town.  I think it is actually part of someone’s driveway, passing over a creek.

something with stripes
something with stripes

Faded Old Glory hanging in the front door of a colonial era house on Main St.

musical instrument
musical instrument

 Meghan is taking the class “Introduction to Accoustic Guitar” this semester at school.

big truck
big truck

I wasn’t able to get quite the shot I wanted for this one, but this is the trailer for one of the more colorful trucks in this area, and belongs to the company where if you’ve ever heard of Wilbraham at all, this is why.

round clockface
big round clockface

This one was actually taken inside Friendly’s, done stealthily with my iPod.

my shoes
my shoes

My favorite type of shoes – sandals! A teacher at my school, who retired last year, and I used to wait for the day when it was warm enough to wear our sandals to work, and see just how late into the fall we could keep wearing them.  Meghan says I am a sandalholic.  I don’t know, what do you think?

a park bench

park bench

Typical of just about everything around here these days, the only park benches I could find were buried in snow.

a postbox

…which I took to mean mailbox.  Just like the park benches!

newspaper headline
newspaper headline

from one of the big newsmaking events this month


Sarah’s gorgeous baby blues

something heartshaped
something heartshaped

cherry swirled Dove dark chocolate heart

something red
something red

 I hope this isn’t too typical or expected, but it fit the bill.  I find it hard to  resist a rose as a photo subject.

I can’t wait to see how everyone chose to interpret these subjects!


February 25, 2011

Quintessential Sixteen-Year-Old

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Home from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, Learner’s Permit in hand, new class ring in place.

February 23, 2011

16 Years Ago…

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This is me, 16 years ago at this time:

My last quiet afternoon in that rocker, surrounded by lovable kitties.  At 5 am on February 24, 1995, my water broke.  Hubby was at work on the midnight to 8 am shift.  He had a pager – cell phones were not terribly common at the time.  I called the pager, he called me back almost immediately.  He was in the middle of an arrest!  But he got home quickly, and we were soon off to the hospital.  Meghan, my older daughter, wasn’t born until just before midnight on the 24th going into the 25th, although her official birthday is listed as 12:15 am on the 25th.

Ready for her ride home from the hospital:

 One of her next rides in the car?  She wants to go to the RMV for her learner’s permit on Friday, her actual birthay.

 Where has the time gone?

February 22, 2011

My dog, the cat…

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Found in the sunbeam coming through the sliding glass door this morning:



February 21, 2011


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After our thoroughly enjoyable thaw a few days ago, I awakened to this again:

Yep, another couple inches of snow.  Mother Nature is pretty funny isn’t she?  Anyway, I went grocery shopping today and decided today would be a good day to bake a recipe I’d been planning to try for a couple weeks.  BlueBonnetBaker tweeted out her creation of a recipe called Movie Theatre Cookies.  Kettle corn and raisinets baked together in a cookie?  I was intrigued.

This recipe said it made 18 large cookies – an ice cream scoop is the recommended portion of dough.  I got 16 cookies out of the batch and have 3 teenagers in the house today, so this is a picture of the whole batch:


The verdict? Tasty!  But I didn’t really taste a lot of the popcorn flavor.  The raisinets were delicious in the cookie.  Meghan suggests using more than the 1 cup of popcorn the recipe calls for the next time I make them.  The next time – I guess that means she liked them.


February 20, 2011

Blogging Inspiration


Anyone out there finding themselves in blogging doldrums?  It is that time of the year for feeling a little blah.  We are sick of winter (except for maybe Michaela) and spring seems so far away.  If you look over there at my calendar of this month’s posts, there are not a lot. 

I have discovered there is plenty of blogging inspiration out there, however, if you have a little look around.  Did you know that Gerry has a second blog dedicated to inspiring folks to be creative?  She calls it her “Gently Used Ideas Store.”  Go have a look if you haven’t already.

Robin mentioned a weekly photo project back in January. It’s called MCP Project 52.  I’ve been meaning to jump in on this one, but for reasons I can’t quite figure, I haven’t done it yet.  Maybe you could go check it out and try it, let me know what you think? 😉

Then one day I noticed right here on WordPress, in one of those little announcements they give you while you are poking around your dashboard, that WordPress itself is working hard to inspire bloggers too!  They have their own blog called The Daily Post at WordPress with a new subject to blog about each day.  They invite you to become part of “Post a Day 2011” or “Post a Week 2011” to help keep your blogging mojo going. 

Within the Daily Post, there is also a Weekly Photo Challenge.  I haven’t explored this too much yet, but I think I’ll have a closer look as soon as I finish finding photos for the scavenger hunt. I’ll be anxiously awaiting seeing the results of all you creative souls.

To keep my creative juices flowing, I have recently signed up for Picture Inspiration.  This is from the same folks who brought us Picture Winter and Picture Fall, but the format is a bit different.  Rather than one photo prompt a day for a month, this will be weekly emails for a year.  Emails are described as containing a mix of prompts, challenges and projects.  It is scheduled to begin on February 22; I’m looking forward to seeing the new ideas.

So with all these ideas to choose from, none of us should be able to claim writers’ or photographers’ block any time soon, right?  Happy blogging!

February 18, 2011

Melting… melting…

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Woo-hoo! 60° in February!  With the winter we’ve had so far, this was something to celebrate!  And a chance to get outside and enjoy while it lasts.  Our piles of snow are still with us, but lucky for our roof, they are starting to melt.






It was a good day for taking the duo for a walk with the new boots.  Andre was grouchy that I left him home for this one.  I wished I had brought him (of course) when I saw this huge puddle on one of the side streets we passed:

(I took this one with my phone) Daphne and Teddy thought it was time to go for a swim!

Back at home, I took Andre out to look around to see if we could find any signs of life, like Kathy’s pussy willows or Robin’s green shoots.

Enough snow has still not moved aside to see much of anything, but I did see these:


Lilac buds!  One of my spring favorites.  I won’t smell their perfume until May, but it’s nice to dream.

There was also water in my newly-uncovered-with-snow birdbath:

Liquid water everywhere!  So nice to see instead of ice! I even could see…

me!  Do you see me?


How about now?

Unfortunately, it seems our “thaw” will be over tomorrow.  Temps for this area are forecast to be back to seasonable over the next week (my school vacation week!) in the mid 30’s.  No school means plenty of time for blogging, photography and hopefully, more outdoor adventures.  I’ll be working on that Photography Scavenger Hunt – I hope you are too!

February 13, 2011

An Invitation

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Dear friend-and-sometimes-commenter Renae sent me an interesting email the other day.  It was a link to a “quilty” blog that she sometimes reads.  The blogger had recently participated in a photo scavenger hunt on another blog.  It seems this blog, Postcards from the P.P. – located in what looks like a lovely spot on the coast of England – might be doing the scavenger hunt monthly.  I decided the scavenger hunt, in addition to the new boots, might be another way to encourage myself to get outside more often.  Then I started thinking, why not share this idea with all of you?  I’d love to see your interpretation of Ms. Postcards’ scavenger hunt and she invites anyone to join in.  She has a Flickr pool that photos can be added to, but I thought if anyone wanted to join me on this hunt, I’d do it a la Scott Thomas and invite you to leave me a link to your results right here.

Here is February’s hunt list:

  • a big lorry/truck
  • a big round clock face
  • a bridge
  • a musical instrument
  • a newspaper headline
  • a park bench
  • a postbox
  • eyes
  • something heartshaped
  • something red
  • something with stripes
  • your shoes

I invite you to be as creative as possible with your pictures.  Wouldn’t it be cool to see how everyone interprets the list?  If you’d like to participate, please have your photos posted by the end of the month and drop me a link in the comments.

I’ve temporarily added a link to this post over there on the right under “pages” to allow you to easily add your link in the comments to this post at the end of the month.

February 12, 2011

New Gear and No Excuses

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Here we are at nearly the midpoint of February, and cabin fever has set in.  I got up this morning and knew I just couldn’t face another day puttering within these walls.  Sure, I got up and went to work and did the errands and drove the girls to dance this week like I always do.  I don’t know about you, but for me, doing those things does not bring relief to the winter doldrums.

Daphne and Teddy agree.  It is time to do something different, get out of the house.  Teddy regularly goes to the basket that holds the leashes and nudges it with his nose.

“But Teddy,” I try explain, “the boots that I have are no good for going for walks.  They give me blisters on a long walk.”

Teddy looks at me with his pointy-nosed-yet-wise face, “Then you must correct this situation, don’t you think?”

I agree with Teddy. Hubby stumbles out of bed this morning.  I announce before he can even get in the shower, “I have cabin fever.”

“What do you want to do about it?”

“I don’t know.  I know I need to get out of the house.  I know you’ll tell me to take the dogs for a walk, but I just can’t in those boots.”

“How about this?  We’ll go to the mall and get you some boots.”

BINGO!  That worked well, didn’t it?  I came home with these:


A pair of Columbia Coremic Ridge 2.  I don’t know much about hiking boots, but hubby assured me that Columbia is a good brand and these would be good to my feet and provide what I wanted: comfortable, warm and dry feet.  I know I can’t take these through the 2+ feet of snow on the ground or stomping through puddles, but these should hopefully take me through the remainder of winter and what will surely prove to be a long, wet spring in walking comfort.  Besides, I needed to stop making excuses for not getting out and walking with the dogs.  Maybe it is a trend some of us bloggers have decided would be a good thing since we obviously spend plenty of time at the computer.  Robin, in addition to her commitment to going outside every day for at least 30 minutes for a whole year, has added a short term, early morning yoga commitment.  Tracy has recently gone back to her elliptical machine after some time away.

I could hardly not take the new boots out for a test while our temperatures reached for 40° degrees again today and the sun was breaking through the clouds.  I suited up and took my favorite trio – Daphne, Teddy, and Andre – out for a walk.

We took the sidewalk/neighborhood walk today since I didn’t think my path through the woods would be clear.  I noticed something for maybe the first time today.  Or maybe I noticed in the past but it didn’t stick.  I saw that our local “mountain” was visible through the leafless trees:


Funny, I’m not sure of its name.  It could be part of Minnechaug Mountain, I suppose.  I’ve lived in town virtually my entire life and never called it anything but “the mountain.”

Next, I turned down a side street and saw the sun starting to break through the afternoon clouds:


Dog sees shadow, but does not run and hide like the groundhog, so that still means a chance for an early spring, right?


Back down our still ice-covered-snow-rutted street:


Upon returning home, I sat down at the computer to write up this blog post.  I casually turned to glance out the window, and… remember that expression, “if you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute” ?  BAM:


Snow squall!


I swear these pictures were all taken today – you can even check my EXIF data on Flickr if you’d like!

Then, just as suddenly, the sun was breaking through again:


That isn’t “noise” in this shot – those are giant snowflakes floating down in the middle of a pink and blue sky.

And then it was over, as quickly as it began.

I hope that won’t be the case with my commitment to get out there more often with the trio! 😉

E.T.A.: I was neglectful in not mentioning another blogger’s daily commitment to going out and walking her dog. It isn’t a new commitment, but lucky Ozzie gets a nice walk virtually every day!

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