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January 28, 2011

Picture Winter Day 28

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Wow, the 28th already!  If I can say anything at all about this photo class I’ve taken this month is that it has truly helped one of my least favorite months pass by quickly!  Here we are looking at the last weekend of the month, and soon will be the end of my daily photo prompts too.  Maybe that is why I am disappointed a bit with today’s prompt; it sounds like another repeat to me.  That is strange to me because Ms. Clark had a guest photographer write the prompt:  ” When the big picture looks too grey and uninviting, it can help to slow down and focus on small details that reveal a quiet beauty unique to the season-a dried out blossom from the previous season peeking through a fence, reaching for the waning sun. The beauty is in the details, waiting to be captured.”

I think this sounds a lot like this prompt. **SIGH** Granted this is not an expensive class, but still!  Am I being too fussy? Sorry.  Anyway… here’s what I did:

This is a forgotten windchime hanging from the eaves on the back of my house, surrounded by and coated with icicles.  It has definitely seen better days, but I thought it still offered a little hint of beauty.