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January 23, 2011

Picture Winter Day 23

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“High Strung”

“From lights, to streamers, to celebratory garlands, a simple strand of something special makes everything more festive. Look around you and discover what’s ‘hanging’ around,” read today’s photo prompt.  I was stumped at first, as I usual am with these daily emails.  The idea of celebration and being festive gave me the clue that led to today’s photo:


Dear friends of ours have a Mardi Gras party each year.  Although that party is still more than a month away, I thought of our large stash of purple, gold and green beads.  These “disco ball” style beads are a recent addition to the collection.  The sun again graced us with its presence here in Massachusetts, so I thought these beads and the sunshine might make a fun combination.

This simple looking shot took a bit of ingenuity.  First, I wrapped the three strands of beads together with a smaller strand, and used the smaller strand to hang the whole cluster from the curtain rod above my sliding glass door.  I started taking pictures.  They were okay, but not what I expected with the beads hanging in beautful sunshine.  Next, I went back to the white sheet I used the other day for the flower backdrop and tried with the sheet hanging just behind the beads on a near-by cupboard.  Couldn’t get an angle I liked.  Then, I spread the sheet along the curtain rod, opened the slider, and went outside into the briskly cold day. (Daytime high of 20°F today)  I clicked away at my sunshiney beads until a cloud moved in, all the while leaving the sliding door wide open so I wouldn’t have the glass interfering with my shot!  (Hubby,  if you are reading this, I apologize if the heat bill spikes a bit for today!)