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January 22, 2011

Picture Winter Day 22

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Today’s photo prompt reads: “The table (be it coffee, dining or otherwise) is usually the one place where our family comes together at least once a day. What is really at the center of your table? Picture it in a way that says something about you.”

If my photo today was truly honest, you’d see a pile of clutter. Newspapers, books, magazines, hot sauce, salt, pepper – that is what is really at the center of my table.  I didn’t think anyone would really enjoy seeing a picture of any of that.

Ms. Clark must have realized that not all of us taking this class would have that decorator’s touch naturally sitting at one’s table and said that it was okay to get something today about which folks might like to gather.  I remembered a pretty centerpiece I used to keep on my bathroom counter until it started gathering way too much dust and was too difficult to clean.  It was a glass bowl with sand and shells.  I wondered if I could clean up some of the pieces and create something new and interesting from it. 

I’m embarrassed to tell you how many shots I took of this little creation before I found one I wanted to share.  I tried so many positions for shots, all around my kitchen, hand-held and tripod, 50mm lens and 55-250mm lens, auto and manual focus, large and small apertures. 

 In the end, I think the fact that it took me so long to get a shot that I liked helped me out; with how long it took me to get the shot, the flames on the candles got taller!  Those were brand new tea lights when I started and only a tiny bit of wick was available.  They burned long enough to unveil more wick for a bigger flame, which I decided I liked about the picture.

If you know anything about me, I hope it is how much I love the beach and my family vacation.  The shells, sand and water help to bring on thoughts of warmer days spent with my family, just the four of us, for one blissful week each August.