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January 21, 2011

Picture Winter Day 21

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“Winter’s Pull”

I thought today’s photo prompt, though eloquently written, was really very wide open to possible shots. “Winter doesn’t push you a thing. It requires you to go out there and pull. Work harder to find shape and line in composition. Work harder to bend whatever light you have. Change your position: capitalize. Work harder to find colour and depth in monochrome.”

We had another fresh snow fall, and our fourth snow day in two weeks, this morning.  Once again we are adrift in white.  Where would I find color and light today?  My first thought was, wouldn’t it be nice if a male cardinal was to stop by my feeder?  That would add some color to the white and gray.  Then to my surprise, the clouds parted and the sun broke through, at least giving me some nice light with which to work.

I used a small aperture to get the sun streaks, then warmed it up just a tiny bit in PSE.  It reminds me of childhood drawings we all did with a yellow ball and orange streaks to represent the sun.

While I didn’t get a male cardinal, a northern flicker obliged me with at least a little touch of red:

The focus is far from perfect here, but I forgive myself because this bird was not content to stay in one place for long.  I was just happy it turned its head ever so slightly so that we could see its face, and not just the back of its head, as it poked at the tree hoping dig up a tasty insect morsel.