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January 18, 2011

Picture Winter Day 18

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“Center of Attention”

Today was an easy prompt for deciding the subject: “Today, pay attention to one subject that tends to keep showing up in your work – something that captures your eye, time and time again, and begs to be the center of attention for your creativity.” 

 It just so happens that I was going through about 8 months’ worth of photos yesterday to order prints.  I like having photo albums to flip through and realized I hadn’t ordered any prints since May of last year.  To help keep organized, I uploaded by season to Snapfish, creating 4 online “albums.”  On the cover of the albums,  it just so happened that Teddy showed up 3 out of 4 times!  He certainly does beg to be the center of attention, quite literally.  I did submit that photo of Teddy that is currently my header image to the gallery today, but I also worked on photographing another favorite subject; convinced my dear hubby to buy me some flowers!

When I say I “worked” on this subject, I really did!  I read the chapter in Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography book on shooting flowers like a pro, and used some of his tips.  I put the vase on the floor in front of my sliding glass door and draped a white sheet behind the flowers at a 90° angle to the door.  I set my tripod at its lowest height and used the 2 second self timer for the shutter.  I sat on the floor taking pictures of my bouquet for about 40 minutes I think!  Here are some of my favorites:





That last one was taken with my macro converter attached to my 55-250mm lens.

My other centers of attention are busy hanging out in their pj’s and playing video games on this snow/ice day off from school.  Decided not to force them into being my subject today – flowers are more cooperative anyway!