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January 17, 2011

Picture Winter Day 17

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“Stark Raving Magnificent”

 (That heading is Ms. Clark’s title, not mine, BTW!)

At first glance, today’s prompt seemed simple enough, with no real interpretation needed: “Whether your world is covered in snow or you’re on a white sandy beach, capture some kind of starkness today.  Think minimal beauty. Think simple.”  One of the pictures of the dogs racing through the snow popped to mind when I read the prompt.  I thought maybe if I went back to the part of the yard I was in and shot the scene without dogs, I’d have that stark, minimal beauty.  Somehow it didn’t feel quite the same today, so I tried different angles, settings and lenses.  Out of my backyard shots, I ended up liking this one the best, but I’m honestly not sure if it goes with the prompt.  What do you think?

While I was musing over whether this shot actually fit the prompt, I glanced out the window that faces my front yard and noticed what a gorgeous blue sky we have today.  I wondered if I could capture that gorgeous color with something that fit the prompt.  I also submitted this shot to the gallery today:

It is definitely stark, but I’m not all that excited by it.  Maybe I needed to move beyond my own yard to have a truly, starkly beautiful shot today. Spending lots of time outside searching for the perfect shot, however, isn’t part of today’s agenda, especially with the high temperature at about 20 degrees. (BTW, does anyone know how to make a degree symbol here in WordPress?  The code I found for Microsoft Office doesn’t work.)

I’d be curious to know your thoughts here.  Do either of these shots seem to fit the prompt to you?