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January 16, 2011

Picture Winter Day 16

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“Wrapped Up”

Towels? Really? That was my first thought when I read today’s prompt: “Today, your challenge is to consider ways you can evoke some kind of emotion in a picture incorporating a towel, or towels.”   Emotion with a towel.  A challenge for sure.  Here’s my interpretation:

So, what emotion do you see in this shot? Teenage ennui? Maybe so, but I remember the little girl who I first taught to wrap her long, wet hair in a towel turban and how cute and funny she thought it looked.  She’s not so little anymore, but I think there’s still some little girl left inside.

Practicing Food Photos

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Last night I did something I don’t usually do.  I made homemade bread!  I thought this unusual occasion deserved a photo or two.  I tried to keep in mind the tips that Ivoryhut offered over at Scott’s place; unfortunately, natural light was out of the question by the time the bread was done.  Overhead recessed lights and the nifty-fifty however, allowed me to avoid flash.




Tasty looking, huh?  If you are not familiar with this simplest of bread recipes, take yourself over to the Ivoryhut and find out just how easy it is.