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January 15, 2011

Picture Winter Day 15

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“Cooling It”

We really had pretty much free reign with our photo prompt today: “Post processing can help make your images sing of winter. Let’s celebrate the blues! Experiment, play and have fun with winter today and see how “cool” you can be.”  What has been catching my eye lately were these:

These icicles are stuck to and hanging from the grapevines on the back of my house.  I’d been trying to figure out how to get a close up shot of them for a few days.  The recent snow fall and my out-of-control rasberry bushes
prevent me from getting anywhere near my grapevines without suiting up in my husband’s snow-blowing get up.  If I did that, I’d likely feel like Randy from A Christmas Story.

I ended up taking this picture from my bathroom window!  We have full length screens that stay on the outside of the windows all year long, so I was concerned these shots wouldn’t turn out, but it looks to me like I ended up with just a bit of added texture in the shot.  I added a tiny bit of blue hue in PSE to add to the “cool” look.