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January 13, 2011

What I do for my blog readers…

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First for Michaela and Sara, who only received a mere 2 inches of snow, a snow angel:

Yup, I plopped myself down in my front yard so that my dogs wouldn’t jump all over me, and made a snow angel.  Figuring out how to take its picture wasn’t easy, nor was getting up from making the snow angel from 18″ of snow!  I took the plastic chair from my front step, plopped it into the snow, then stood on top of it to get the shot.

Next, for Brian, snow penguins:




Our snow was far too light and powdery for snowman, ball or penguin building, so I went looking for spots that might be turned into some sort of penguin with bottle caps for eyes and baby carrots for a beak.  The first shot I tried was an old dog house covered in snow.  It was alright, but I kept looking, and saw the girls’ old swingset with the plastic “tire” swing.  So I added my accessories and thought it was kind of cute!  Hope you like it, Brian!  😉

While I was out traipsing around my yard, Daphne and Teddy accompanied me.  They have been loving every inch of this snow fall and the yard has become their amusement park, complete with race tracks of their own making.  The faces and actions of the two of them I captured today had me laughing hysterically.  What must my neighbors be thinking?   Crazy laughter and snow angels from the lady of the house?  She must be losing it.  I think at least one other blogger, from the Writing Studio and Bait Shop, might get almost as much enjoyment from this slideshow as me:

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Happy to do this!  Hope everyone enjoyed!

Picture Winter Day 13

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Today’s email  prompt sounded like it was talking about my life!  “Is it just me, or does life sometimes take on the form of controlled chaos?  Today find a way to translate this kind of feeling in your own words (visually speaking).”  Sometimes?  How about always?  With two teenaged daughters, two dogs, a cat, working full time, and a husband who works nights, barely controlled chaos is pretty much life in this house.  One of my chaos creators provided the subject of today’s photo by failing to do what I’d already asked her to do (which was clean up after herself):

 In the above photo, you will find: dance bag, school bag, homework papers, agenda, text books and paper organizer – all left adrift in Meghan’s wake. Good thing we ended up with another snow day today!