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January 11, 2011

Picture Winter Day 11

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“Warm Your Heart”

Our prompt today read: “Today, shoot a photo that warms your heart. It can be of an actual heart, or not. That is up to you! Today it’s all about feeling it in your heart, however you want to capture it!”  The prompt arrived with a photo of a felt heart, along with explicit permission to actually shoot something heart shaped.  I didn’t know if I wanted to go in that direction, sure that I could come up with something more interesting than an actual heart shape.  Facing shooting my picture well past sunset today and a busy schedule for the kids and myself, I went ahead and did a heart shape, but I tried to make a little story out of it:

This is a little ornament that (I think!) Meghan made for me many years ago – maybe with her Girl Scout troop.  It is made of simple plastic beads in a sweet heart shape.  I’ve always hung on to it and it rests atop a jewelry box in my bedroom.  I started wondering if I could present like a little jewel.  I grabbed my winter coat – same color and material as the fabric they present a diamond on in a jewelry store- and arranged the heart.  Grabbed the tripod and a flashlight, set for tiny aperture and long shutter like I did for the Christmas lights.  I ended up with plastic beads, strung together by one of the pieces of my heart, shining like a little jewel.