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January 9, 2011

Picture Winter Days 8 and 9

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I didn’t get around to posting yesterday’s photo prompt shot due to the fact that I spent most of the day at a party affectionately know as “Pig Out.”  It is a tradition that has been going on for at least 20 years – none of the Pig Out participants are exactly sure what year it was when it started, but we’re just glad it did indeed begin!  The point of the party is getting together with a small group that we just don’t get to see at Christmas time, and of course, pigging out.  In addition to myself, the group includes my sister, our best friend Renae, our mother, Renae’s mother, Renae’s aunt, my children and Renae’s children.  A friend recently asked how one gains rights to this exclusive club.  One must be an original participant or be born into it!  No boys allowed either.  (Renae’s young son has a temporary pass that will likely be revoked when he is a teenager who won’t be interested in our girl talk anyway!) 

“Texture Seekers”

Finding texture around the house was yesterday’s prompt, and lucky for me, Pig Out provided:

Chocolate covered strawberries, made by my mother.  Delicious!

“Bundle Up”

Today’s prompt read: “Whether it’s based on comfort level or aesthetics, today’s prompt is to showcase something from your winter wardrobe and distill what it is that warms not only your body but your soul.”  I chose these:

These gloves aren’t actually mine but I keep stealing them!  My sister gave them to my daughter for Christmas, but I want them for myself!  I love the “flip top” mitten that sets my fingers free for using the camera while I’m outside.  I should really get a pair of my own, but I haven’t found a set anywhere and I suspect it will be more difficult to find them as winter goes on.  I chose to present these gloves on a soft and fuzzy scarf that was knitted for me by Renae.  How’s that for a post that came full circle?