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January 7, 2011

Bonus post

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What I do while I’m waiting for photos to upload…

Picture Winter Day 7

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“Quiet Beauty”

The prompt that arrived today said that we should look for the “signs of quiet beauty and rest surrounding you this winter season. Capture them in your photographs today.”  I surprised myself after a walk in the backyard today- I didn’t expect to find much in the way of quiet beauty- when I popped my memory card in the computer and realized I had taken 39 shots.  Hoping to take heed of some advice I’ve received recently, I looked at things from many angles and tried and tried again.  This is the shot I submitted to the classroom online gallery:

I considered cropping the tree trunk to the right out of the shot, but in the end I decided I liked the abstract feel it added to the shot.  You can see the cropped shot here if you like.

A few other shots I tried today:


This shot wasn’t particularly quiet or restful, but I just loved Daphne’s exuberance in trying to enjoy the little patches of snow that remain in our yard:


And of course Teddy refused to be left out: