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January 2, 2011

Picture Winter Days 1 and 2

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“A Day for Rest”

That was the title  of the photo prompt for January 1.  Our instructor said to “capture a photo that showcases the spirit of your New Year’s Day.”

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent the day at a birthday party.  Friends, drinks, games, cards – that is the spirit of how we spent the day.   A little app I found called “Talking Tom” caused hilarity to ensue:

I wish I had thought to record all of the laughing going on yesterday!

“Looking Out”

Today’s photo prompt said that we should “battle the elements today (even if only long enough for a click or two) as you “picture” a shot that offers just the breath of fresh air that always does you good!”  We are experiencing some very mild temperatures today so I didn’t have to battle more than a light sprinkle of rain to get my shot for today:

This is one of the local ponds in town.  I’ve featured it before.  I’m thinking about using it for Scott’s long term 4-season assignment too.  The email prompt today suggested that stepping outside today would result in that breath of fresh air that we could all use at this time of year.  With our oddly warm-for-January temps today, I thought the fog hovering over the pond made a neat expression of this idea.