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December 26, 2010

A Quick Christmas Follow-up

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I’d love to style this post a la Gerry with a poem in the style of “A Visit from St. Nick,” but I’m too pooped to be creative.  I did want to share a few pictures from our weekend.  I’ve been on the go since Christmas Eve, prepping  for two Christmas celebrations here at my house – one with mom yesterday and one with dad today (mom and dad are divorced).  On Christmas Eve, I cooked all these ahead of time for Christmas Day:

(mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry bread, zucchini bread, homemade cinnamon buns, thumbprint cookies)

I used this recipe from Sweet Savory Life for the cinnamon buns.  Yummy!  In addition to what is pictured above, I also made a chocolate pudding pie and, for the first time ever, made brine for my turkey.  I followed Pioneer Woman’s recipe.  The turkey was very moist, but I’m not sure I’d bother doing it again.  I didn’t notice any flavor added from the brining.

On to Christmas Day.

I’m quite thankful for having kids who no longer need to be up crazy early to open gifts.  I do miss a little of the “magic” of Christmas with young children and the excitement of Santa, but things are nice this way too.





Teddy puts up with a little Christmas decorating by the kids…


…and with being a pillow after a big day of visiting with people, who of course only came to our house to visit the dogs.  Are my dogs the only ones who think this way?


Happy, funny girls

Can you take another food picture?  After a big dinner, served early afternoon so poor hubby could eat before he had to leave for work, we had quite the selection at our little dessert buffet:


It came a day late, but the snow has finally arrived here.  It started snowing this afternoon.  We have a couple inches right now, with possible blizzard-like conditions tonight.  Predictions are for 10 to 15 inches by the time it is all done.  I guess Andre will finally get his introduction to snow.