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December 19, 2010

Welcome to Snow Village

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Even though there’s no real snow on the ground around here (except for what is left of the dusting from earlier in the week), there is always snow in my living room each Christmas.


I have been collecting the Original Snow Village by Dept. 56 for about 18 years now.  There are many styles of collectible villages out there, but I love the painstaking detail that goes into the Dept. 56 pieces.  I chose this Village from all Dept. 56 offers because of its glossy finish to the buildings, the about 25% larger building size and the huge variety of pieces available.  I started collecting when a local department store went out of business.  I’d estimate my total village size at about 30 lit pieces.  I don’t think I’ve ever displayed my entire collection at once; some pieces have fallen into disfavor or disrepair over the years, and as Dept. 56 improved the pieces over the years, some of the older ones don’t appeal to me as much any more.  In 2008, I displayed the most I’ve ever displayed at once.  There were three “areas” of the village that year: “downtown and the ‘burbs“, “the countryside” and “the boardwalk.”  This year, time got away from me and I downsized to about a dozen favorite pieces with accessories.  I thought I’d take you on a little tour through town.

Like my Christmas tree, my Christmas village contains many pieces that hubby and I chose because they represent some part of our lives.


Here’s the police station and cruiser for hubby.  After a late night, the cruiser has been known to be found running down various citizens of Snow Village or crashing into buildings.  Hubby’s sense of humor goes there.


No explanation necessary! 🙂


This piece was quite the puzzle to get the shot I wanted.  With its multilayer design, I had a hard time getting everything in focus I wanted to show you.  I tried different apertures, flash vs no flash.  I finally got this shot with most of the building fairly focused.  Chinese is a favorite take-out food around here, and I just loved the attention to detail here.  From the gold dragon on top to the table set on the side with decorative lanterns hanging above it, this is probably one of the most detailed pieces I own.


Of course there is a dance studio, with little ballerinas on their way to class.


A greenhouse for my love of gardening


For my love of quilting… and who doesn’t love pie?


 Cows have crept into my village too.  They are not oreo cows, but I love them just the same.

All these pieces surround a little downtown park area I created with the help of some accessories:


Accessories really help bring the village to life:



…Or to un-life as the case may be!  More of hubby’s sense of humor on display here.  A few years ago I woke up Christmas morning to find my village overrun with zombies:

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 Now, I check the village each morning to see  what has come upon the innocent citizens of Snow Village.

I hope you enjoyed your visit!