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November 14, 2010

A Walk by Myself

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As perhaps many of you did, I had this past Thursday off from work.  Thanks, Veterans!  You are appreciated for what you do. 

Since I had the day off, I took advantage of some crisp, sunny, weather and actually went for a walk by myself.  I was in the mood for some quiet contemplating and picture taking, so I went out without the dogs and got in the car.  I drove just a short distance to a little place here in town that I don’t often give much thought to, Spec Pond.  Spec is short for “spectacle” because there are actually two small ponds close together that look like a pair of spectacles when viewed from above.  I explored this little, local recreation area and came away with some shots that made me happy.


Afternoon sun shimmering on the pond


Sunlit leaves


Pond from the woods with quiet geese in the water


A full mouth!


A group of three.  What is it about the number 3?  Does it contain a certain magic?  As photographers, we always try to remember the rule of thirds.  Good or bad things are said to happen in three’s.  Three is always a special number in fairy tales – 3 bears, 3 pigs, 3 wishes.  And out of all the shots of the geese that I took this day, this one of the 3 geese I found most aesthetically pleasing.


Trying to be artsy with a cattail and sun low in the sky


Late afternoon shadow of photographer

It was a peaceful afternoon.  Andre and I spent some quality time together.  I’m trying out “Andre” for Camera’s name.  It was my sister’s suggestion and I think it is kind of cute due to this.  Although hubby tried to get my goat recently by saying he has named my camera “EWOT” – expensive waste of time!  I disagree!