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November 12, 2010

I have more questions for you!

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Food Mosiac

My food project idea is off to a great start!  I’ve received LOTS of helpful ideas from folks in the comments.  Gerry over at Torch Lake Views,  is planning a post to help me out, I’ve emailed and tweeted with some people, and I’ve responded to your comments.  Your comments have created even more questions from me!  So, if you are one of the kind and  helpful people who left me a comment on yesterday’s post, if you have the chance, could you go back and read my comment back to you?  It most likely contains another question or request!  Please feel free to email me as well.  If you need my email address, drop me a comment saying so.  I am hoping to photograph a few recipes and do a big round-up blog post for everyone to maybe get some new food ideas.  I know there are plenty of food blogs out there you can read, but I’m hoping this will turn into a post for us to enjoy everyday ideas and get out of those ruts!

If anyone was curious, those pictures are from my 365 photo-a-day project in 2008.  I took a lot of food shots on days when I felt like I couldn’t possibly find one more interesting photo subject.

E.T.A.:  Occurred to me after Michaela’s comment that it might not be obvious what each of those foods are.  Top left – homemade egg rolls, top right – crab cakes, middle left – fajita fixings, lower left – frittata, lower center – spaghetti with sauce made from tomatoes grown in my garden, lower right – pork chops with bacon butter!