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November 11, 2010

I am not a food blogger…

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… but, I take pictures of food.  Sometimes, those food pictures have become posts for recipes that I have shared with you.  Other times, the photos just sit there in my archives, sadly unused.  My sister recently came up with a name for this situation: Recipe Distraction Disorder.  She is a food blogger, however, so it seems somehow appropriate that she should have pictures of food all over her hard drive.  I sure as heck don’t fancy myself as a great cook, but I am capable of following a recipe and putting something decent to eat on the table.  On occasion, I have made something pretty darn good.  Since I started this blog in April,  I have thought to take pictures along the way when I have been in the process of cooking something that seems interesting or different that I’ve thought folks might like to read about or try for themselves.  Recipe Distraction Disorder (or RDD) seems to keep me from following through.  For example, back in June, I took some shots of my favorite grilled pizza  recipe:


That’s the crust, just in from the grill


A trying-to-be-interesting shot of garlic and olive oil about to be brushed on the crust


And the finished, gooey, cheese pizza.  Did I ever share this recipe with you?  Nope.  It is now November.  How many of you would even be interested in a recipe like this at this time of year?

Check out this one, from early July:

Berry muffins of some sort.  No other pictures accompany this one.  I’m thinking they are raspberry and blueberry, due to my abundant raspberry crop this year.  No notes or hint of a recipe appear anywhere around them.

For this one, I actually took a picture of the recipe…

the ingredients..

and mixing up the sauce…

… but no finished product!  I don’t even remember what we thought of it when we ate it.

Here’s some grilled chicken.

I often grill up some chicken on the George Foreman to add to a recipe.  What recipe was this for?  Haven’t got a clue.


A lone tomato.  Maybe I was just trying to be artsy with this one.  Maybe I was creating a memory of one of my favorite parts of summer.  Maybe I was just looking for another excuse to use Andre, or Cameron, or Bob, or whatever his name is.   But technically, another picture of food.

So where the heck am I going with all this?  To a request from you, dear reader.  I get into ruts with my dinners.  I end up making the same old meals over and over again.  I want to start being more organized with my food planning.  I’d like to remember recipes that the family enjoys so that I can make them again, and skip the ones that were met with less-than-favorable reviews.  Do you plan out a week of meals at a time?  Do you save recipes that you really like?  How do you organize dinner planning?  Do you decide what is for dinner each day on your way home from work?  How many times a week do you go to the grocery store or get take-out or eat out? Do you use or read any sort of online site to help you with these things on a regular basis?  Do you have any awesome, family-pleasing recipes to share with me? Please tell me any or all of these things in the comments.  If I end up getting a lot of great ideas from you all (feel free to share links to anything you find helpful), maybe I could do a follow up post for everyone to share.  I’d love to have lots of people participate in this, so if there is any chance you wouldn’t mind sharing this in a blog post or tweet or Facebook post of your own, I’d really appreciate it.