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October 21, 2010

Serving Up Kindness – Picture Fall, day 21

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In today’s photo prompt, we were instructed to take notice of the kind things we do in our every day lives.  It got me thinking, am I being kind or am I simply doing what I feel I need to do to keep my family as healthy and happy as possible?  Are those the same thing?  I feel that I am a kind person – I will lend a sympathetic ear to a friend or colleague who needs to talk, do you a favor if I am able, lend assistance if it is in my power to do so.  But does that make me a kind person or simply a decent human being?  Are those the same thing?  This prompt kind of made me feel like I had to toot my own horn to decide what to take a picture of today.  Is it kind to toot your own horn?  Want me to stop asking questions now?  After some contemplation, I decided helping my daughter with her algebra homework could be considered a kindness:

Picture Fall, day 21

To add a laugh to a blog post that turned out a bit more seriously than I expected it to:

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