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October 14, 2010

Unexpected Enchantment – Picture Fall, day 14

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A simple object that holds a certain magic when we take the time to notice.  An object that can make you happy from its simplicity.  An object to delight our inner child.  I thought that this object fit today’s prompt perfectly:

Picture Fall - day 14

Yup, an old-fashioned, metal slinky!   Aren’t slinkies great?  Did you know that modern slinkies  are plastic and colorful?  I don’t think they would be nearly as satisfying to play with!  You wouldn’t get that great ka-ching, ka-ching sound. I had to demonstrate to my daughters how to get the slinky to walk down stairs, and once I did they were highly amused.  Teddy definitely wasn’t sure of what to think of that.  Of course, today I must leave you with this diddy from childhood: