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October 13, 2010

Good Day Sunshine – Picture Fall, day 13

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I really struggled with today’s photo prompt.  I took 25 pictures before I settled on one that met my satisfaction – both for interpretation of the prompt as well as my personal creativity.  I think I should give you the full text of today’s email prompt; maybe then you’ll have an idea about why I struggled so much.  Or maybe you’ll just think I was thinking about it too much:

       What happens when you haven’t seen the sun in weeks? You find your own sun of course! Although the fruits of summer have gone, fall brings all kinds of gifts. With a bounty of pomegranates, pumpkins and persimmons there is no shortage of sunshine substitution. A burst of round, ripe sunny color can totally transform the gloomy grays that may be lurking outside.

     Hmmmm, I wondered.  Is this supposed to be literal – find brightly colored fruit and photograph it?  Or should it be  more loosely interpreted as anything that can bring you sunshine on a cloudy day?  The last line of the prompt seemed to say to me that she was looking for something more literal –  “ripe and round” made it sound to me like I should go with fruit.  So that’s what I did:

Picture Fall, day 13

I’m happy to say this was taken indoors, well past sunset, without a flash.  I cranked the ISO up to 1600, shutter 1/20, f4.0.  Autofocus argued with me about taking this picture, so I slipped over to manual and overruled him.  Perhaps it was the reflection in my granite countertop that made Mr. Autofocus so choosey, but that was my favorite part of the picture, so I wasn’t about to let him talk me out of it.