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October 8, 2010

Keep It Simple – Picture Fall, day 8

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Sorry about moodiness of yesterday’s post.  I’m better today, over my frustration.  I got to take today’s picture outside in sunlight, which makes me happy.

Picture Fall day 8

Studying light was the main gist of today’s prompt.  As photographers, we are always interested in the light, and I suspect that many of you, like me, even have a favorite time of day for light.  The time for mine varies with the season of course, but I love that late day glow, an hour or two before the sun sets.  I was determined to get outside today and spend some time on today’s prompt.  We were instructed to find a single object that interested us and use the light around us to illuminate it.  My object is actually a planter ornament that my sister gave to me for a gift one year.  The ball is filled with a material that glows in the dark, so I thought it might make for some interesting daytime illumination too.  I used some techniques I’ve picked up recently (mostly from Scott Thomas) including  sidelighting to bring out the detail of the ladybug sculpture, using a flat, silver surface to reflect more light and a large aperture to focus on my object and create a bit of background bokeh.