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October 1, 2010

Quintessential Fall – Picture Fall, day 1

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A skewed view

Day one of my new class asked for me to study the leaves that have begun to fall, and choose one that inspires a sense of the season.  The girls and I went outside, during a break from the deluge of rain that has hit our area, in search of interesting leaves with color.  I  photographed a few, but the light was fading fast, and I wasn’t overly impressed with anything I did.  Then I was staring out into my backyard at the oddly colored greenish light filling the sky around 6:30 this evening.  I spotted a glass of water that had been left out on the deck, with a pine needle sticking out of it and started to wonder.  I plopped the leaf into the glass and tried a few shots.  While I’ll admit this shot is far from perfectly focused, the enlarging of the details and the shiny look it took on pleased me. 

I’m very curious now to see what the next prompts will bring.