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September 9, 2010

A Dog and his Bucket

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Our collie Teddy has managed to find many lost “treasures” in our yard.  Toys and balls that our girls have long abandoned are fun treats for Teddy.  Among his treasures is a blue sand pail, that reminds me of pictures on I Can Has Cheezburger of the walrus and his bucket.  Teddy carries his bucket around the yard, tosses it about and chews on it.


“Would someone like to play with me and mah bucket?”


“Okay Teddy, here you go.  Get the bucket!”


“I gots mah bucket!”


“Hmmm, what’s in mah bucket? Any nom-noms?”

“Actually, mah bucket is kinda nom-nom.”


“Look, mah bucket can fly!”


“C’mon, Teddy, give me the bucket!”


“I want mah bucket back!  Give me mah bucket!”


“Wait!  Are we all done playin’ with mah bucket?  Come back!  Please?”

September 8, 2010

As Summer Fades Away

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I haven’t put up a new post in a few days, and I’m thinking that will likely be the case for me now that school has begun.  The girls went back last week, and I went back to work, and dance starts up next week – all of which makes for more running around, and less picture-taking time. I’m still planning to shoot as much as I can, but the posts may not come as often.  We’ll see, I guess.  I found a few pictures today with subjects I’ve used already this summer, but something about them seemed to have that “summer is fading away” feeling, which is the way that I am feeling today.


Zinnia in late afternoon sun


The dragonfly, stopping by.. I liked the way this one was lit and the leaf “bokeh” in the background.


I loved the curl of the tongue in this revisit of the hummingbird moth.  I remembered to push up the shutter speed this time (1/1000) to get some stop action.  It was bright afternoon light, so I was able to keep a small aperture (5.6) to go with my now “famous” aperture mantra.


The color of this little dahlia struck me one afternoon.  Many of my purchased annuals surprised me this summer with colors I didn’t expect.  I assumed it was going to be yellow when I saw the bud, but then I noticed the tinge of pink around the edges, almost like it had a late summer sunburn, to remind it of a lovely day in the sun.

That’s my short, late-night post for today.  I had another planned for you but Flickr or my internet connection was acting up earlier this evening, so it wasn’t to be.

September 5, 2010

I really don’t know clouds, at all

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Any time I think of clouds, I can’t help but think of “Both Sides Now” by Judy Collins, which is part of the reason for the title of today’s post.  The other reason is I’ve forgotten most of my junior high school science about the classification of clouds.  While I was in Maine, I had the opportunity to photograph some lovely cloudscapes at different times of day with some results of which I am very happy.  I used some different techniques such as turning the camera portrait style, using the exposure compensation control, and for a couple, a polarizing filter that I found in my sister’s camera bag for her old 35mm Canon Rebel.  So, while I can’t tell you what type of clouds these are, I hope you’ll enjoy my Maine cloudscapes.

Apparently August 17th was a great day for clouds for me, as the next 5 pictures were all taken on this day!
Clouds with filter 2

This was taken with the polarizing filter and I thought it really made the blue sky and clouds pop – it seems to give the lower, puffy clouds texture, while giving the higher,  streaky clouds contrast against the sky.  Here’s a shot at the same time, turned portrait style:
Clouds with filter1

A little bit later that same afternoon, I had taken the filter off, and was thinking about a technique called “storytelling” that we had discussed quite a bit over at Shrew’s Daily Shutter’s.  (By the way, Shrew had a photo challenge due on Sept. 1, so look for that post coming soon – I sent her a few shots!)  Storytelling in photos, if I remember correctly, means the picture has a real “beginning, middle and end” or interest in the foreground, midground, and background.  Tell me what you think of this story:
Storytelling  on Hills Beach

Even later that day, we were presented with gorgeous sunset colors with the clouds beautifully lit up:
Sunset on Hills Beach

Sunset at Hills Beach

August 18th was the day I went to visit Walker Point and Blowing Cave  in Kennebunkport.  While I didn’t get any great splashing plumes of water pictures, I was really happy with this cloud and rockscape, with little sailboats at the horizon:
Looking out from Blowing Cave

That evening, I took a walk down Hills Beach Road because we were again presented with gorgeous color, but this time it was golden in hue:
Sunset Hills Beach Rd. 1

This shot presented darker than the actual color was, but I included it because I liked the silhouette of the gull drifting in at the top left of the shot, and to show you the difference when I used the exposure compensation.  This truer representation of the color that evening was with a +1.3 EV:
Sunset on Hills Beach Rd.

This little scene was across the street from the cottage where we stayed.  It is a little harbor-like area where I took one more shot of that golden light and clouds:
Evening over Biddeford Pool

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, From up and down and still somehow, It’s cloud illusions I recall, I really don’t know clouds at all….

September 2, 2010

Critters of Hills Beach

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I’m still not done with Maine posts!  I hope you aren’t tired of them yet!

On my morning walks, I encountered a lot of interesting creatures that I don’t often get to photograph at home.  My older daughter has shown some interest in marine biology; perhaps a bit of it is genetic as I always find myself poking at shellfish and crustaceans when I am at the shore.

small snail with trail

Just a common little snail here, but I liked how the antennae were visible as well as the trail it had made behind it.

big snail

I disturbed this larger snail when I saw it nestled in the mud; I wanted to know if it was another live snail or just an empty shell.  As you can see it turned out to be live, and it worked to pull itself back into its shell.  I was afraid I had unearthed a treat for the near-by sea gulls, but something happened to disturb the birds from the meal they were most definitely eyeballing…


I learned from Rebecca that this happy goldendoodle’s name is Sam.  He seemed to smile as he romped and chased the birds my husband oh-so-affectionately refers to as “dump chickens.”

big live clam

Here is another jumbo-sized shelled critter that I stumbled upon.  I’m so used to finding only empty shells on the beach, these big, live squishy-bodied creatures took me by surprise.  I picked this one up so you could have a better idea about its size.

hermit crab

The hermit crabs, though numerous, refused to poke out of their scavenged shells unless they were in the water; hence this not-as-clear shot taken in the water.

Mad chipmunk

While a chipmunk is certainly a photo that I could have taken at home, this guy ( or gal, I don’t know!) seemed to be having a very heated discussion with an unseen adversary.  It continued to “buck buck buck chit chit chit” as I took its picture.  It is resting upon a stone wall along the sea, bordering Hills Beach Road.  Maybe it was chattering at this guy…
Lobsta mailbox

September 1, 2010

Friends of Ivoryhut

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Hello friends and readers.  I just wanted to take a moment to get a word out to those of you who may not have heard.  A great friend from the blogosphere, Erika, of The Ivory Hut, has experienced a terrible tragedy. On Tuesday night her home and all her possessions burned to the ground.   Maggy Keet of Three Many Cooks and Alice of SavorySweetLife have put up a website, The Friends of Ivory Hut to help a friend in time of need.  You can make a donation via Paypal there, or if you prefer, an address is given where you can send a check or gift card.

Erika, my thoughts are with you.  I’m so happy you have the love of family and good friends, as well as your whole family intact,  to get you through this terrible time.

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