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September 28, 2010

A Lovely Autumn Day, part 2

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Just down the road from Quonquont Farm is the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory.  I hadn’t been for several years, and I was looking forward to getting in there with my new camera and seeing what I could get for shots.  It proved to be more difficult than I expected.  The  light indoors in this place didn’t really allow for the super-fast shutter speeds I would have liked to use to take in all the gorgeous butterflies floating frenetically around the huge greenhouse.  I had to catch them mostly at rest.  One person who had no trouble at all finding butterflies at rest was my husband.  Remember the little teaser from yesterday?


This particular type of butterfly, which we learned was a rice paper butterfly, were attracted to my husband like dogs are attracted to stink!  We thought it had to be from the apple-smushing incident in the orchard – perhaps he had sprayed himself with sweet smelling apple juice and those butterflies were licking it up!  I left him several times to photograph other butterflies, each time I returned it seemed he had more clinging to him.  He said he counted nine at one point!  Doesn’t he look like Hermes, the winged messenger in that shot with his sandals?

Meghan wasn’t quite as successful at getting one to land on her, so she “borrowed” one from her dad for this shot:

Funny story about this picture: As I was taking the picture, another very colorful butterfly dive-bombed the shot, creating a blur of red and green across Meghan’s hair and neck.  I tried my darnedest to photoshop it out because I really liked this picture, but nothing I did looked right.  So I turned to an expert – someone who actually thinks photoshopping is fun!  Brian of FS Photography did a beautiful job fixing this up so that, in his words, you’d never know that there was a “camera hogging butterfly sneaking into the shot.”  Have a look over at Brian’s page if you haven’t recently – he just had some photos published in actual magazines!  Congrats, and thank you again, Brian!  I’ll post the original if anyone is interested in seeing what he was able to get rid of for me.  You know, I think I might like this shot of Meghan even better than the one I did for my portraiture assignment for Scott’s blog. 

On to the butterflies that I did manage to chase down for some pictures.  There were so many different varieties I really can’t remember their names, except for this first one, the blue morpho.  These beauties never stopped, and  I think the only reason I was able to get this picture, is because it is obviously an older, worse-for-wear butterfly.



I think that one above is called an “owl” butterfly.




I know this one’s a bit blurred, but I just loved the color, and it was the closest I came to stopping any action. 

In addition to all the butterflies, Magic Wings is also home to some other interesting creatures:

This is Akbar, the parrot.  In addition, there was also a variety of lizards, koi fish, tortoises, and some adorable little quail who ran freely around the place.  My pictures of them did not turn out well.

It was quite the lovely autumn day.  Ready to plan a fall road trip to my little corner of the world?  Let me know, maybe we can go take pictures together! 🙂

ETA: Michaela requested a look at the “before” picture of Meghan: