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September 25, 2010

My Try at Portraiture

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As I usually am with Scott Thomas’s photography assignments, I was a little nervous about what I’d get for results when Scott said the challenge this time around was portraiture.  I have two teenaged girls, I think I’ve mentioned before.  They are wonderful people, but not always happy to have the camera pointed at them!  Today, we were out doing something the whole family enjoys, apple picking (post coming on that as well), so I decided to give the portraits a shot while we were outside on an absolutely gorgeous fall day.  The timing wasn’t the best light-wise, but I gave it a go anyway.  I had them stand in the shadows of the apple trees to try to prevent squinting and harsh shadows.  It would have been the perfect opportunity to try fill-in flash as Scott has often suggested, but I forgot, dang it!  So, I looked to Photoshop Elements to give me a helping hand.

Here’s the first picture of Meghan, SOOC:


The shadows made her skin tone look sallow and highlighted the creases and undereye circles.  I consulted my PSE7 book by Scott Kelby and followed some simple steps for softening her face and improving her skin tone:

I think that’s an improvement.  I followed similar steps for Sarah’s portrait.  Here’s the original:

And after a spin through PSE:

 I think I managed to create some nice looking color out of not perfect shooting conditions.  Was this cheating, Scott?  I know the idea was to create nice conditions with your camera and light, but I’ve had some people tell me the post-processing is nearly as important as the original picture taking.  I’m not a huge fan of processing.  Most of the shots I post are SOOC except for some cropping, but I thought these subjects benefited from some tweaking.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.