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September 19, 2010

Letting Summer Go

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This past weekend was the last weekend of summer. **SIGH** I spent the day yesterday doing many of the things that signal the end of the season.  I cleaned the deck of the remaining remnants like forgotten bathing suits, barbeque tools and potted annuals that had already passed their prime.  I started prepping the pool for closing.  I harvested the concord grapes that grow against the back of my house:

This is how much we got:

That’s a 13 cup plastic container they are in – feels like it weighs about 2-3 pounds.  I’m thinking of trying to make some jelly since I doubt my family will eat many of them before they start to expire.  Anyone have a fool proof recipe for a fool like me?  Would I actually have to can it if I make it or could it just be stored in the fridge?

I also bought myself some flowers, those traditional New England harbingers of fall, mums.  For anyone local reading this, Randall’s Farm in Ludlow has a HUGE selection at a great price: five 8″ pots for $25.  So, of course I bought myself 5!


I planted 3 of them into my whiskey barrel planter and transferred two to hanging containers for the deck.  At least I’ll have some color for my remaining days of enjoying the deck, and to greet me as I come and go from the house.





Dear Summer,

I’m very sorry to see you go!  We really had a blast this year, didn’t we?  Thanks so much for all the bright sunshine and warm temperatures you brought with you.  I hope your cousin Autumn treats us as nicely with bright days and crisp evenings.  I will certainly enjoy our last three days together before cuz’s arrival, and I will anxiously await your return nine months from now.

Lots of love,