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September 18, 2010

Not Too Proud to Beg!

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Through my sister, on a link on Facebook, I found out about a couple of very cool giveaways!  First was for an Epiphanie camera bag.  Camera carrying ladies?  These look like the most awesome bags ever!  They look like a gorgeous designer purse but there is room inside for a DSLR plus all your other lady stuff!  Then it turns out the fine creator of these bags is giving away a Canon 5D body!  Whoo-hoo!  To enter the giveaway for the Canon 5D, you have to do a blog post with your picture, a confection with a birthday candle (my confection here is a cider donut!), “Happy Birthday Epiphanie” written somewhere in the shot plus a picture of one of the fabulous bags.  Only the picture of the bag can be photoshopped in – everything else has to be real.  I don’t own one of these cool bags so I tried my PS skillz and put one in the shot with me.  I think I should put one of these bags on my Christmas list!