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August 25, 2010

We Made It… (via A Half Hour a Day)

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So remember the story I told you in my last blog post about what a small world it seems to be in the world of the blogosphere? Well, it got even smaller yesterday! I’ve mentioned my friend Renae, my best friend since childhood, a few times here and there in my blog – the quilt post, my Mystic trip and in the Walk Down Memory Lane. Renae doesn’t have a blog ( but she REALLY should, she is soooo funny!) but she was involved in the little community that grew up around Shrew’s Daily Shutters (recently back from blog inabsentia) and included Ivoryhut, Music Maven, my sister, and Kanniduba, among others. Well, check out what happened after Danielle’s horrible car trip to Florida! Sorry you had such an awful trip Danielle! Hope you time in Disney makes up for it!

We Made It... So, I will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER drive to Florida again. We prepared to leave home on Saturday morning at 2:00am.  Then overslept.  So we got up at 2:30, and gathered the last minute things.  As we made to walk out the door at 3:30, Zan got an alert from work, so he had to get online just to "check something out" before we left.  That something took about 20 minutes.  So we finally got out of the house, locked up, waved our goodbyes to our dear … Read More

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