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August 12, 2010

Of Kings and Queens

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Well, that’s what monarchs are, right, kings and queens?  I took some pictures of the “king” or “queen” of the butterflies the other day – I say this because I have no idea whether it was a girl or a boy (although I did witness what I assume was some butterfly hanky-panky going on, I assume there was actually one of each.  I don’t think you are interested in the picture of that!  Maybe you are?) Anyway…

I am just loving the butterfly bushes this summer for all the opportunities it has presented me.


This one was actually taken on the near-by rasberry bush.  I just love those polka-dotted bodies!


I’d never noticed those furry, fluffy backs before.  It reminded me of a phrase my daughters have been repeating ad infinitum since they saw “Despicable Me” this summer:


Thank you, your majesty, for having this little photo session with me!

Oh and one more shot of a very sweet monarch that I couldn’t help but share:

(Sarah, Halloween 2003, 6 years old)